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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the main entry barriers of leading national and international MBA programs. The GMAT is a very  difficult, standardised test, which not only judges your aptitude for a business degree but also measures your strength of nerves and resilience. The GMAT is a computer based test. This means, that the nearly 4 hour long test is sat at a computer in a test centre. The paper-based GMAT no longer exists.

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Der GMAT-Test besteht aus
  • 2 essays lasting 30 minutes (Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)): Analysis of an Argument and Analysis of an Issue
  • a 75 minute mathematical part with 37 questions (quantitative section, multiple-choice)
  • a 75 minute language part with 41 questions (verbal section, multiple-choice)

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Examination information / points

The verbal and quantitative section of the GMAT are a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). In other words, you will only ever see one question on the computer screen taken from a large pool of questions varying in content and difficulty level. Every question must be answered and it is not possible to recall and therefore correct a question. Depending on your answer the difficulty level of the following question changes. Should a question have been answered incorrectly then the next question is automatically an easier one. If the following answer is correct, the difficulty level will increase again. This type of testing tries to understand individual capacity as precisely as possible. The appraisal of the number of points is calculated on the basis of a complex algorithm from the ETS (Educational testing System).


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