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GRE - Graduate Record Examinations

The GRE is a sophisticated quantitative and verbal entry test specially aimed at the graduate area, in other words for those studying, or those who have already completed a degree course (e.g. a  Bachelor of Arts – B.A. – or Bachelor of Science – B.Sc. – or another degree) and would like to continue their studies. However, some universities (e.g. St Gallen) require the GRE test for admission to an undergraduate degree course.

Universities in the USA not only ask for the GRE from foreign applicants but also require US students to take the GRE test if they want to do a Master’s or PhD program following on from their Bachelor degree. Not all master programs demand the GRE (the Graduate Management Admission Test – GMAT –  was specially developed  for MBA programs – please go to the GMAT section).

Distribution of the GRE

The General GRE test costs 140 Dollars at the moment and consists of three parts: quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and analytical writing. The verbal part, in particular, needs intensive and systematic preparation.

GRE Preparation

For more information on the GRE and GRE courses please visit www.mbahelp.de.

GRE Analytical Writing

1 essay, 45 minutes

1 argument, 30 minutes

GRE Verbal

30 questions, 30 minutes

GRE Quantitative

28 questions, 45 minutes


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