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LSAT - Law School Admission Test

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is required by all American and Canadian universities belonging to the Law School Admission Council before starting your degree in law.

The LSAT consists of 5 categories (175 minutes) with multiple-choice questions as well as a written section (30 minutes) at the end. In between part 3 and 4 candidates have a 10-15 minute break. The LSAT does not have a mathematical part, which differentiates it from other entry tests for other subject matters (e.g. GMAT, GRE, SAT). All abilities required for a degree in law are tested – reading comprehension, analytical comprehension, logical thinking and written expression.

Distribution of the LSAT
  • Logical Reasoning 24-26 questions, 35 minutes

  • Reading Comprehension. 26-28 questions, 35 minutes

  • Logic Games 23-24 questions, 35 minutes

  • “Experimental” 23-28 questions, 35 minutes

  • Writing Sample, 30 minutes

Test scores

The score scale for the LSAT ranges from 120 to 180 points, whereby 120 is the minimum grade. All questions have the same value. The essays are not graded, but are sent to the universities you have applied to.

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