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SAT - Reasoning Test

The SAT Reasoning Test (formerly SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT Scholastic Achievement Test and SAT I Reasoning Test) is required by nearly all universities in the USA and by many across the globe for admission to an undergraduate degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, B.A.).

This standardised admission test checks logical thinking and the ability to solve problems. The test in English lasts for three hours and 45 minutes. Writing and reading comprehension as well as maths proficiency is tested. Questions are multiple-choice with 4-5 alternative answers. In addition, one has to write essays on predetermined topics. The SAT is offered in two different formats, the SAT Reasoning Test (formerly “SAT I”), and the SAT Subject Test (“SAT II”).

SAT Reasoning Test (formerly known as SAT I)

The SAT Reasoning Test lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes and is made up of 10 parts, including a 25 minute essay; each part has a set time. The essay is always the first and a 10 minute multiple-choice, written test is always the last part of the SAT.  The other parts are done in varying order. Amongst these are a 25 minute experimental section, called  “Variable Section”  or “Equating Section” taken from critical reading, maths and multiple-choice areas. The section is not rated which means it has no influence on the total score.

SAT Subject Test (formely known as SAT II Subject Test)

These specific, 1 hour long exams test the entire knowledge from class 7 through 11 in five freely chosen subjects from the areas of Literature, Foreign languages (including German, Spanish and French), Maths, Science and History. If one wants to apply for a degree in Physics one should choses this subject for the test, possibly combined with a test in Maths and Chemistry. It is therefore recommended to make inquiries as to which subjects can be taken in combination with the Sat Reasoning Test.


Each part of the SAT Reasoning Test is rated with 200-800 points; the written part (Writing Section) includes two part results.

The SAT Reasoning Test is graded on a scale of up to 2400 points. The average result for the SAT is 1532 points, generally however better universities look for a minimum of 1800 points. For US pupils the SAT is a very important matter, therefore preparation is generally very intense.

Test fees

USD 41,50

for the SAT-Test

USD 19

per Subject in the SAT Reasoning Test
(additional USD 18 registration fee)

Registration and test centres

As all standardised admission tests, applicants can take the SAT on fixed dates in Germany. In Germany, the SAT can be taken on 6 fixed dates per year. You have the choice of 19 test centres. Registration is done on the SAT website www.collegeboard.com. You will also be able to find the next test date there.


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