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Are you applying for a semester abroad? More and more universities are adding language certificates to their entry requirements. In most cases standardized tests are required. However, some universities will accept the DAAD test which is faster, less complicated and most importantly cheaper.

At ELOQUIA in Frankfurt you can pass numerous language certificates including the DAAD language test which is recognized by the University of Frankfurt.

DAAD test distribution

The DAAD-Sprachzeugnis French consists of a written test with about 50 multiple-choice questions as well as an oral section (ca 15 minutes) with a native speaker trainer. The total test lasts an hour. The questions used in the test  are of general nature and include idioms, grammar aspects and vocabulary. Targeted preparation is not possible as the candidate’s present level is tested.

DAAD french zertificate

One day after the test you will receive your certification which will include details of your proficiency level (as of  Level B1 = UNIcert Level I) mapped on the reference level of the European Framework. Should your level be less than B1 we unfortunately won’t be able to certify this. The name of the certificate is  “DAAD Sprachzeugnis für deutsche Bewerber”, it is accepted even when “Lektoren-Sprachzeugnis für Auslandsbewerbungen” is mentioned.

DAAD test fee

60 EUR

Please note that you must register in a timely manner to ensure that you can take the test on the date you have chosen. Last minute dates within 48 hours (not on Sat or Sun) are possible.



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