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TEF - Test d'Evaluation de Français

The TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français) was developed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris (CCIP). The world wide recognised TEF is suitable for professional projects, for a continuation of studies in France, as requirement for emigration to Canada and for many types of international mobility. The oral exam of the TEF additionally confirms language proficiency for those who have applied for French citizenship.

The TEF evaluates general French language skills in four areas: written expression, oral expression, listening comprehension and reading comprehension. It is a 2 hour long multiple-choice test with 150 questions which can be taken by ELOQUIA/Institut français course participants as well as external candidates.

Compulsory parts of the TEF (épreuves obligatoires TEF)
Optional subjects of the TEF (épreuves facultatives TEF)

The optional parts of the TEF can be taken on the same day as the compulsory ones or within one year of them. The optional  parts cannot be taken unless the compulsory part have been taken.

TEF rating

One cannot fail the TEF; the results of the TEF are presented on a scale of 0 – 900 points:

Points TCF / Niveau / Level Common European Framework

  • 100 – 199 Points, Niveau 1 – Élémentaire: A1
  • 200 – 299 Points, Niveau 2 – Élémentaire avancé: A2
  • 300 – 399 Points, Niveau 3 – Intérmediaire: B1
  • 400 – 499 Points, Niveau 4 – Intermédiaire avancé: B2
  • 500 – 599 Points, Niveau 5 – Supérieur: C1
  • 600 – 699 Points, Niveau 6 – Supérieur avancé: C2

Utilisation for the TEF

The TEF for studies

Numerous French universities and Grandes Écoles demand the TEF for admission to different degree courses; please make enquiries as to which exams are necessary for admission (compulsory and /or optional). The Test d’Evaluation de Français is also accepted as the replacement for the TCF-DAP for university admission, as long as the compulsory part was passed and a score of at least 315 points (14/20 or level B2) was achieved for the written exam.

The TEF for emigration to Quebec

The  Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion requires a special version of the TEF for visa applications for emigration into Quebec, this test is called TEFAQ. The TEFAQ comprises two parts:

Listening Comprehension (40 minutes, 60 questions, 360 points)
Speaking (35 minutes, 2 subjects, 450 points)

You can take the TEFAQ as either paper or computer version. This version is called e-TEFAQ. The TEFAQ certificate is valid for one year. You can download information on the TEFAQ test (sequence, examples etc.) here.

Since December 6, 2011 the general TEF in combination with the optional “Expression Orale ”exam is also recognised for emigration to Quebec.

The TEF for naturalisation in France – TEF Naturalisation

The TEF Naturalisation, a special version of the TEF which is made up of two parts (compréhension et production orale), is a means of proving sufficient French language skills to fulfil the language requirements for naturalisation in France. You will find more information here. The listening comprehension section lasts 40 minutes and the speaking section lasts 35 minutes. The exam take space with two examiners. Find further information on the oral exam here. The TEF Naturalisation exists in two versions: a paper version and an electronic one, this means you pass your test on a computer. Therefore you will receive your test results faster.

The TEF for emigration to Canada

The Canadian government – Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada (CIC) – requires that all TEF exams (compulsory and optional) are successfully passed by those people wanting to emigrate to Canada permanently.

The TEF for the job

The TEF is suitable as proof of French language proficiency for application purposes or as proof of requirements for international employment.

TEF and e-TEF informations

TEF validity

The TEF measures current language level, its validity is limited to one year.

Conditions, retaking the exam

No diploma is necessary to register for the TEFs. The IHK Paris will issue a certificate of the result. One can take the TEF serval times..


The e-TEF is the electronic version of the TEF, this means it is taken at ELOQUIA on a computer. The e-TEF has the advantage that the results are available much faster (you get shown your results right after the end of the test, you will first receive your certificate as a PDF-file after about a week).

You can also combine an e-TEF (compulsory part) with an optional part. However, if you only require the compulsory part of the TEF to prove your language level, then we recommend you pass the e-TEF for practical and financial reasons.

TEF test preparation

ELOQUIA offers special preparation courses for TEF, TEFAQ und TEF Naturalisation exams. Please first evaluate your French level with help of our online test and then get in touch with us.

Examination centre for TEF + TEFAQ + TEF Naturalisation

ELOQUIA is a certified exam centre for the TEF, TEFAQ and TEF Naturalisation. We offer one monthly exam date, in exceptional cases we can arrange for a special sitting  which will be charged at a surcharged rate (test begin at 14:00, for organisational reason the test begin may be changed).

 TEF + TEF Naturalisation + TEFAQ + TEF Canada

Please take note that the last date for registering for the TEF / TEFAQ / TEF Naturalisation is four weeks before the actual exam date. Exceptionally, a later registration or arranging for an extra date (only electronically) may be possible but only with prior consultation per telephone and the payment of a surcharge of EUR 50,00.



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