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TFI - Test de Français International

The TFI-Test de Français International  assesses the ability to communicate and work in French as it is used in the international workplace. The TFI was developed on the request of French and francophone organisations and is equivalent to the TOEIC test, the English test for the same field. The TFI is based on the same quality criteria as the TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication). It is reliable, easy to administer and affordable. A special version of the TFI exists to obtain French citizenship. This is called TFI Naturalisation.

The creation of the TFI shows that French, next to English, is a worldwide important business language. The TFI can measure and demonstrate a non-francophone candidate’s French language level. The TFI fulfils all requirements to become an international assessment standard just as its counterpart the TOEIC.

TFI content and evaluation

The TFI (Test de Francais International) was developed by the Educational Testing Center in 1998. It determines work related French language competency with help of a very meaningful point table. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced students of all jobs and does not require any specialised knowledge or vocabulary. The TFI not only evaluates listening and reading comprehension but also the capacity to express oneself in relationship to business dealings.

The TFI is a standard multiple-choice test. It provides an objective and  independent from universities and language schools determination of the language level.

There is no passing or failing, only and objective and reliable score ranging from 10 to 990 points on a continuous scale.

TFI distribution

Similar to the TOEIC, the TFI consists of 180 multiple-choice questions which must be  treated within 110 minutes.

Listening comprehension (42 minutes)

  • Questions/Response – 40 questions
  • Short dialogues – 30 questions
  • Short conversations – 20 questions

Reading comprehension (68 Minute duration)

  • Error Identification – 25 questions
  • Incomplete Sentences – 25 questions
  • Reading Comprehension – 40 questions
TFI information

You can take the TFI daily (Mon – Fri between 10:00 and 19:00) at the recognised TFI test centre ELOQUIA Frankfurt. To reserve a specific date, please use the following form. The delay is usually 2 weeks.

In addition, ELOQUIA offers TFI preparation courses in one-to-one lessons or as group lessons. For further information on the TFI and our preparation courses please contact us.

You will receive a written confirmation of the test date. Registration for TFI is binding. It is possible to withdraw from the test up to two weeks before your test date. After which the full test fees must be paid. All withdrawal must be done in written. When cancelling your registration  via email you must request a confirmation of reception, otherwise it can not be taken into account.

TFI test fee

EUR 150


EUR 120

(course participants)

Advantages of the TFI

The TFI is a reliable, affordable and easy to administer standard multiple-choice test. French teachers can use it to determine performance levels, build performance groups and set motivational goals. Organisations can define French language competencies for specific job positions with help of the TFI interpretation table, measure abilities of existing or new employees and can plan training actions. The TFI allows job applicants and employees to determine and demonstrate their French level and to optimise their application documents  with an international  certificate.



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