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German Certificates: Certificate Start Deutsch A1

The European language certificates are a system of international language assessment which are mapped on the Council of Europe’s  Common European Framework. The European language certificates (TELC) are  proposed in 11 languages and different levels based on the Common European Framework.

ELOQUIA Frankfurt offers preparation courses and is a certified testing centre for the following German certificates:

START Deutsch A1
START Deutsch A2
Zertifikat Deutsch B1
Zertifikat Deutsch B2
Zertifikat Deutsch C1

Start Deutsch 2  is a TELC exam to test adults’ German level. The exam was jointly developed by the Goethe-Institut and TELC. It is executed and evaluated according to uniform standards across the world.

A successfully completed German A2 exam shows that the student has the competencies of an A2 level on the Common European Framework.

Distribution of Start Deutsch A1
  • Linguistic elements: 10 points, in 10 minutes
  • Listening comprehension: 26 points, in about 15 minutes
  • Reading comprehension: 24 points, in about 30 minutes
  • Writing: maximum 15 points, in about 15 minutes
  • Speaking: maximum 25 points, in about 15 minutes
  • Total points: 100 points
Additional information Start Deutsch A1

German certificate A1 is recognised for subsequent immigration of a spouse

Since 2009, TELC German certificates are recognised as proof of level 1 language competency on the Common European Framework scale by the foreign office for spouses wishing to join their partners living in Germany. This proof is required to obtain a residence permit for those spouses who wish to join their partners living in Germany and who need a visa to do so.


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