German Certificates / ZD B2

Certificate Telc Deutsch B2

The Zertifikat Deutsch B2 demonstrates a skill level equivalent to level B2 (Vantage) on the European Framework. At this level of the European Framework, students are able to demonstrate that they can handle nearly all communication situations of every day life and of the professional world. In detail this means that they can:

  • understand complex language, even with less familiar topics;

  • recognise main points and general ideas of argumentation in argumentative texts;

  • understand simple technical texts from fields of personal interest or experience;

  • can express themselves according to the situation, on a large range of professional, cultural and general social topics over longer conversation;

  • can explain and defend personal opinions through explanations, argumentations and comments;

  • following appropriate preparation, can present and discuss topics from personal areas of interest, experience or knowledge;

  • can master text types on general knowledge receptively and productively and receptively in the professional special formation field.


Grading for Deutsch B2
  • 270–300 points: very good
  • 240–269,5 points: good
  • 210–239,5 points: satisfactory
  • 180–209,5 points: sufficient

To pass the B2 exam, the candidate has to get 60% of the maximum points in the written exam as well as in the oral exam. This means 135 points in the written and 45 points in the oral exam.

Additional information B2 Deutsch

Candidates who do not pass or don’t do one of the two parts may  re-take the part within the calendar year or the following calendar year.

ELOQUIA offers special preparation courses for the test Deutsch B2 and is a certified exam centre for the Deutsch B2 exam. Exam dates (even for candidates who have not completed a preparation course with ELOQUIA) can be arranged on request.


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