Italian certificates / A2

Certificates Italian: A2 Livello Elementare

The European Languages certificates (TELC) are international language exams. These exams are offered at four difficulty levels.

For Italian there are the following certificates:
A1 Start Italiano
A2 Livello Elementare
B1 Certificato d’Italiano
B2 Certificato Superiore d’Italiano

A2-Livello Elementare is an exam at A2 level on the Common European Framework. Successful participants of the A2
Italiano Livello Elementare are able to understand and participate in a conversation held at a natural language speed on subjects concerning daily life. They can formulate simple topic content orally and written so that comprehension is not reduced.

Italiano livello A2 distribution
  • Language elements (vocabulary and grammar) – 15 minutes
  • Listening comprehension – ca. 20 minutes
  • Reading comprehension – ca. 30 minutes
  • Writing expression – ca. 15 minutes
  • Oral exam – ca. 10 minutes

You will have passed the A2-Italiano Livello Elementare exam if you have achieved 60% of the total points in both the written group exam (tests 1-4) and the oral individual exam (test 5).

ItalianA2 information

The Italian A2 exam consists of a written and oral section. The written exam takes 80 minutes.

The oral exam takes place on the same day as the written one.

Italian A2 preparation

ELOQUIA offers preparation courses for Italian exams and is a certified testing centre for the TELC exams in Italian. External candidates may also take the Start Italian A2 exam.



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