Italian certificates / A1

Certificate Italian: Start A1

The European Language Certificates (TELC) are international language exams which are offered in 11 languages at four levels and are mapped on the Common European Framework.

For Italian the TELC series offers the following certificates:

A1 Start Italiano
A2 Livello Elementare
B1 Certificato d’Italiano
B2 Certificato Superiore d’Italiano

Start A1 Italiano is a TELC exam to test adults’ Italian level.  It is executed and evaluated according to uniform standards across the world.

A successfully completed Start A1 Italiano exam shows that the student has the competencies of an A1 level on the Common European Framework.

Start Italiano A1 distribution
  • Language elements (10 points, 10 minutes)
  • Listening comprehension (26 points, 15 minutes)
  • Reading comprehension (24 points, 30 minutes)
  • Written expression (15 points, 15 minutes)
  • Talking (25 points, 15 minutes)
  • total score: 100
Italian A1 preparation

ELOQUIA offers preparation courses for Italian exams and is a certified testing centre for the TELC exams in Italian. External candidates may also take the Start Italian A1 exam.



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