Italian certificates / B1

Certificate Italian B1 - Certificato d'Italiano

The Certificate d’Italiano B1 demonstrates that the student uses Italian correctly  in most daily  situations as well as in a familiar professional environment – in Italy but also in situations where Italian is used colloquially or as a business language (in universities or school,  at fairs, in restaurants etc.). This means that students can deal with all important private and professional matters in Italian. In addition, the Italian B1 demonstrates that the candidate has acquired the most important grammatical structures.

Italiano livello B1 distribution
  • Language elements (vocabulary and grammar) + reading comprehension – ca. 90 minutes
  • Break – ca. 20 minutes
  • Listening comprehension – ca. 30 minutes
  • Writing expression – ca. 30 minutes
  • Oral exam (in group with others) – ca. 15 minutes
Italian B1 information

The Italian B1 exam consists of a written and oral section. The written exam lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes. Before the oral exam you will have 20 minutes preparation time. At ELOQUIA the oral exam takes place on the same day as the written one.

Italian B1 preparation

Along side its well-tried Italian courses ELOQUIA also offers courses targeted at preparing for the Italian B1 exam (as well as all other levels). ELOQUIA is also a certified exam centre for the recognised TELC exams in Italian. External candidates may also pass the B1 exam at ELOQUIA.



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