Our teachers

ELOQUIA’s teachers fulfil the highest quality standards

Choosing ELOQUIA means choosing quality. Our native speaker teachers have been carefully selected and tested on their teaching methods. All teachers have a university degree and an internationally recognised certificate for teaching a foreign language. In addition, they have been tested for suitability based on a specifically designed, language specific grammar exam.

Each new teacher is also intensively coached on methodology by our director of studies. In addition, lesson quality is continuously controlled by intensive observation (three times a year). In doing this, we ensure that the quality of the lessons live up to your expectations.

Grafik Eloquia: Unser Konzept
Grafik Eloquia: Unser Konzept
The ELOQUIA method

Eloquia designs your optimum language course based on the most recent dynamic teaching methods

Thorough needs analysis

Each student has different requirements and their own learning goals. This is why we don’t believe in standardized tuition methods. Our aim is to design the most suitable language course for you.

The first step is a written and oral diagnostic test which allows us to classify your language knowledge. We then analyse your personal learning goals during a consultation. In doing this, we can design your lessons based on your requirements and can maximise your individual language capacity.

ELOQUIA follows the European Framework whilst testing your abilities and formulating your goals.  This teaching framework is valid within all of Europe and will match your personal specific requests.

an approach to learning

Language is communication – and security in a foreign language is achieved with language practice. This is why communication is our central point of departure when teaching a language. Our teachers employ the most recent, dynamic and integrated teaching methods.

Beginning with the very first lesson, our students are required to actively use all four communication skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in the target language, thus discovering the language. Grammar and vocabulary are always taught and learnt within the communication framework.

From day one, each student’s communication competency is therefore developed all round and step by step.

Taking different learning
types into account

When choosing the teaching materials and the lesson plan it is important to not only take into consideration whether the students want to put emphasis on certain themes. The student’s type of learning is equally important. Our teachers base their lessons on this.

Whilst progressing through the lesson plans the students’ needs and  conditions are taken into consideration – by either slower or faster progression.

Rapid progress
due to documentation
and level checking

Wir dokumentieren den Lernfortschritt sowohl in Privat- wie auch in Firmenkursen kontinuierlich. Dadurch stellen sich schnelle Lernerfolge ein – garantiert! Nach 16 Sitzungen erfolgt eine Überprüfung des erreichten Niveaus auf Basis der Stufen des Europäischen Referenzrahmens.

Zum Unterrichtsende wird ein Abschlusszertifikat ausgestellt. Darüber hinaus haben die Lernenden die Möglichkeit, ein international anerkanntes Zertifikat zu erwerben: ELOQUIA bietet für die gängigen Unterrichtssprachen im Hause eine Bandbreite von renommierten Prüfungen an, aus denen unsere Schüler die für ihre Bedürfnisse passende Prüfung auswählen.

The Importance
of cultural context

Our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach. Apart from the unequivocal quality of native speaker lessons, students come in direct contact with the culture and mentality of the language. This awakens curiosity and motivates communication, broadens cultural horizons and decreases contact anxiety.

Teaching materials
and media

ELOQUIA possesses a large library filled with a magnitude of educational books, reference books, audio and video materials. In addition, there are current materials from the world of digital media. All our teaching rooms are equipped with WLAN as well as computer screens with PC-connections. Thus ELOQUIA enables multimedia, up-to-date learning.

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