ELOQUIA is your specialist
in all interpreting matters

ELOQUIA offers you customised and high-quality solutions so that your meeting or your international presentations, discussions, conferences or events are a success. Depending on the event, we will provide you with a suitable interpreter from our pool of interpreters capable of interpreting in up to 40 languages and in numerous language combinations. We thereby differentiate between a variety of interpreting types.

ELOQUIA not only provides experienced and qualified simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage or negotiation interpreters for any language combination and subject matter but is also happy to take over the organisation and coordination of any technical requirements. These are adjusted according to the event type, the number of participants and the location. For example interpreting booths, public address systems, infra-red systems and personal stereo units.

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Eloquia interpreting

ELOQUIA offers you customised solutions in all interpreting matters

Whispered/Chuchotage Interpreting

Whispered interpreting means the interpreter sits next to his audience (max 2-3 people) and interprets whispering into his ear. When using whisper sets the interpreter uses a wireless microphone and the audience is equipped with a receiving device. This type of interpreting is particular suitable for factory tours and conferences in little groups.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting means interpreting following or in exchange with the speaker. First the speaker presents parts of his speech and then the interpreter translates that part into a foreign language. This type of interpreting is typically used for speeches and short lectures.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the most common type of interpreting. When translating simultaneously, the translation happens nearly instantaneously, thus without any time delay, in other words simultaneously. Generally speaking the simultaneous interpreter works in an interpreter's booth. Interpreting simultaneously requires a high level of concentration, in particular with field specific topics. During most conferences simultaneous interpreters, for any language combination, work in pairs of two so that they are able to relieve each other every half an hour at the latest.

Negotiation Interpreting

In small groups short conversation parts are subsequently translated without the help of interpreting or whisper sets, for example for meetings between two business partners with the presence of an interpreter or in court.

Requesting an Interpreter

We are happy to discuss your interpreting needs. Our competent contact team will provide you with a customized offer.


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