There is method to our quality – So you learn languages even more effectively.

The Eloquia learning method is the foundation of our language courses. This is why we train every new teacher intensively in the Eloquia learning method and carry out supervisory visits three times a year. This way we can be sure that the quality of the language teaching always meets our high standards.

Place your faith in the ELOQUIA learning method:

  • Thorough needs analysis: Following

    Following an assessment test and consultation, we develop the course to match your exact requirements. By the way: we base the assessment on the Common European Frame of Reference.

  • Learning by communication:

    The four communication skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing are actively imparted. Because language is communication.

  • Keeping different learning types in mind:

    Our teachers tailor their lessons exactly, depending on the student’s learning type. Your prerequisites and requirements are our top priority.

  • Documentation and examinations:

    Your learning progress is constantly monitored and recorded by our teachers – and after 16 sessions we check the standard reached against the levels of the Common European Frame of Reference.

  • Course completion with certificate:

    At the end of the course, a final certificate is issued. In addition, we offer examinations with which our students can attain an internationally-recognised certificate.

  • Cultural context:

    Our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach. So they are particularly adept at imparting an understanding of the culture and mentality along with the foreign language.

  • Material and media:

    We facilitate modern, multimedia learning for our students with up-to-date material from digital media and with classrooms which boast WiFi, screens and PC connections.

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