Eloquia Efficient Learning – the method for successful learning

With Eloquia Efficient Learning, your company benefits from an integrated learning concept which ideally exploits interconnectedness via internet or intranet in conjunction with classic learning methods.

Triply efficient – Eloquia Efficient Learning:


Teaching of new content
Exchange of experience

Online lessons

Individual advancement
Tackle the weak spots

Online units

Learn at any time and anywhere
Correction by the teacher

With Eloquia Efficient Learning, your staff can learn at any time and wherever they are, and communicate with their native language teachers. Interactive online exercises are individually adapted to the level of each single participant and corrected by the teacher. A perfect addition to the regular classic classroom course, in which experiences are exchanged and content reinforced in role play.

Maximum learning success for your staff:

  • Individual learning –
    based on the student’s level and learning speed
  • Adapted content –
    teachers design the assignments on the online platform
  • Regular checks –
    teacher corrects online and monitors use of the platform and learning success
  • Flexible communication –
    participants and teacher use the platform to communicate even outside of lessons
  • Specific advancement –
    participants learn independent of the group and can therefore achieve maximum learning success

Efficient Learning promotes your staff advancement. Have a word with us.

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