Eloquia online courses – virtual learning in groups and one-to-one lessons

Welcome to Eloquia’s virtual classroom: Our qualified online teachers guide and instruct your employees in small groups or in private individual lessons. Whether in the office, out and about or in the comfort of their homes – no matter where they are, your employees can take part in virtual languages courses at the appointed time via Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting or Skype.

Step by step to successful learning:

1. 1. Needs analysis

Speak to us about your goals and wishes.

2. Assessment

Following the written or oral assessment tests, we draw up a customised offer.

3. Appointments

Together, we agree on lesson times and clarify the technical issues.

With the Eloquia online learning programme, we can also teach larger groups with diverse levels of prior knowledge. Thanks to the variety of modules, we can offer you efficient lessons matching specific requirements as closely as possible which can lastingly benefit your staff and promote your business success.

The benefits of the virtual classroom for your staff:

  • Regular, personal lessons:
    Experienced, native-language teachers design and deliver the course.
  • Individually-tailored content:
    The needs and results of the student dictate the course planning.
  • Technical courses for your branch:
    We offer business courses – including those with special points of focus such as Law, Real Estate, Human Resources, Finance and Banking, IT, Aviation, Technology and Engineering.

Get to know our virtual classroom. We would be pleased to advise you.

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