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Language skills are the key to the next step on the career ladder; they allow people to connect and open up new horizons. So it is always a good idea to learn a new language, refresh the knowledge you have already or work towards a certificate of your proficiency.

No matter what your current level – at Eloquia you will find exactly the right language course to match your level of proficiency.

Six levels pursuant to CEFR (extract)


Competent use of language in simple everyday situations; vocabulary of approx. 500 words.


Competent use of language in most frequent everyday and business situations; vocabulary of approx. 1,200 words.


Ability to understand technical information, notifications and conclusions in everyday situations and in own area of expertise and communicate on familiar routine matters; vocabulary of approx. 2,000 words.


Ability to understand complex language, even relating to less familiar topics, recognise lines of reasoning and main points in argumentative texts; receptive and productive command of texts in the area of general knowledge and receptive command in the area of special professional texts.

Effective Operational Proficiency

Understand the entire spectrum of language in all its complexity, including grasping implications and stylistic differences; ability to communicate spontaneously, without difficulty, and express oneself easily and fluently with longer and more complex contributions in discussions, even on challenging topics.


Ability to understand, analyse and interpret all types of written and spoken language; ability to understand and use a wide range of idiomatic expression; ability to use a large repertoire of grading instruments and clearly indicate finer shades of meaning; ability to rephrase when confronted with difficulties of expression or comprehension.

What Eloquia level is right for me?

„Percentage“ is your result in the ELOQUIA Assessment Tests. „Level CEFR“ are the overall levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages . „Level ELOQUIA“ breaks down these levels even more finely. This allows us to staff our language courses ideally – for optimal learning success.

Percentage Level CEFR Level ELOQUIA
00% – 40% A1 00% – 10% A1.1
11% – 25% A1.2
25% – 40% A1.3
41% – 55% A2 41% – 45% A2.1
46% – 50% A2.2
51% – 55% A2.3
56% – 70% B1 56% – 60% B1.1
61% – 65% B1.2
66% – 70% B1.3
71% – 90% B2 71% – 77% B2.1
78% – 83% B2.2
84% – 90% B2.3
91% – 100% C1 C1

What course is right for you? Let’s get together and find out.

Assessment test

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