Tailored language courses. Because your company deserves eloquent employees

Language skills open doors – particularly in the professional world. This is what places those companies willing to invest in advancing their employees’ language skills at a significant advantage. Our Frankfurt-based language institute, ELOQUIA, offers you just that: Effective language courses at the highest level, for skilled employees and senior management.

Our range of services for your company:

Advanced language qualification for staff, skilled employees and senior management

Company-specific assessment tests, course plans and glossaries

Compilation of complete benchmarking and certification systems

For over 40 years now, we have been teaching in the most varied of companies and branches. In addition to classic language courses, the primary demand in companies is for work-related courses such as Business English. We offer tailored language courses in closed groups or as one-to-one lessons in forms ranging from intensive workshops to long-term regular courses – with classroom teaching, online courses or Efficient Learning. Whatever makes most sense for your company.

The benefits for your company:

  • Flexible choice of course location
  • Timetable based on the desired objective
  • High-performance groups thanks to precise assessment
  • Professional, native-language teachers

And now? Talk to us about your needs.

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