Your English certificate: TOEFL Junior®

The proof of proficiency for 12- to 16-year-olds

The TOEFL Junior® test was developed specially for extra-curricular assessment of English proficiency at Mittelstufe (intermediate) or Sekundarstufe 1 (secondary level). The test assesses listening and reading comprehension as well as grammar and vocabulary, from A2 to B2, and is geared particularly to students with a more advanced knowledge of English. We offer the TOEFL Junior® test once per week and, on request, arrange individual appointments.

The structure of the TOEFL Junior® tests:

  • • Reading Comprehension – 50 minutes for 42 questions
  • • Listening Comprehension – 25 minutes for 42 questions
  • • Structure and Written Expression – 25 minutes for 42 questions

You have a total of 115 minutes to answer 126 questions with 600 to 900 points.

Prove your proficiency by gaining certification. We would be pleased to advise you.

Assessment test

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